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Hail stone renovation

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After the front of my 2014 XF Sportbrake bonnet was peppered with hail stone dents our local garage paint shop made a great job of repainting. I took the opportunity to have the front bumper repainted plus the lower side skirts that were suffering from pebble rash, not a difficult task to remove these body parts. Bought new chrome front grille and side blades via Aliexpress saving over £250 compared to Jag prices. Looking forward to getting it back together and also renovating the 20 inch wheels.
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Looks like a very nice job indeed.
Hailstones definitely seem to have got bigger and I suppose it is something that will become more common as time goes by. Perhaps someone will come up with making padded or inflatable clip over covers for cars, especially ones made from Aluminium.
get yourself on Dragons den and make a few bob.
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