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Halfords Castrol Magnatech

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Guys, I just found a link to the 5W30 fully synthetic oil for £17.50

Halfords | Castrol Magnatec 5W30 Oil 4 Litre

Am I right in thinking this is the correct stuff for my 05 3.0 petrol? Anyone know how much the engine takes to fill?

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Hi Bofh,

Have got Castrol Magnatec in my 3.0 sport, according to the
owners manual it takes 6.5 litres including the new filter.

- Steve.
many thanks Steve. I'll be having some of that tomorrow morning then, do you think Halfords might have an oil filter or should I hit the auction site.
I would think Halfords should have a filter, but I'm sure
you'll find cheaper priced filters if you look around.

I got my last one from Unipart.

- Steve.
I would check out your local stealer for a filter and get a genuine one. May cost a bit more but it will be right for the job. Why skimp on something so vital.

Fit genuine filters, they aren't that much more on Ebay.
Good points, I'll have a look at my local dealers for an oil and air filter.
airfilter cost me just over 6 quid over the counter at my local dealer.

I normally get an oil filter with a new sump plug for my engine at every service off ebay from an online jaguar dealer, £8.50 free postage, have a search on ebay. Cheap enough at that price to have genuine parts!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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