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Hand car wash, paint off bonnet, what next spray or wrap?

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Thanks to a stone chip that must have losend some bonding there is now a 50p or so sized area of paint missing from my bonnet. Not overly upset as paint chips need repairing and these things can happen but it got me thinking...

Do I:

a.) respray the full bonnet and bumper with the risk that it will chip again
b.) as above but apply some sort of sheilding vynil?
c.) just wrap the full car in a new colour

The problem is, I absolutely love the colour of the car its metalic charcoal/grey type colour that looks fantastic when clean. But I am wary about paying for a respray for it to either not look right or to chip again so the wrap comes into it.
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Personally, i would pay for a bonnet re-spray.At around £250 it's much better value than circa £1500 for a wrap. Also, as far as i know, even if you wrap a car, the bodywork needs to be nigh on perfect, so if you wrapped over your 50p stone chip, then you'd still end up with a recess
Paint and vinyl protect to stop further damage.
I agree with gg8tcw - I had a similar issue when got my car and I had bonnet sprayed Jan 11 for just over £200 (sorry can't remember amount) - was nervous but all fine.
2 weeks ago same thing happened to the front wing, right in the middle. The laquer came away approx 2" square. I used the company 'Chips Away' and considering the car is 12 years old they did a great job! Perfect match and finish for £120+vat.
My 03 xj v8 3.5l is painted sliver. Jaguar call it Platinum and the paint code is MDZ but there are six shades of MDZ!
I therefore took it to a dealer for a spectroscopic check to determine which shade I had before having some work done when i first had the car.
All the information is on Standox's website amazingly!

BTW what is 'wrap'
Chipsaway refused to do it, he said he could but it would just not look right due to the position. Car got taken to an Aston approved repair shop, its costing a fair old few quid for the bonnet front and rear bumpers but as a friend of mine works in the autopaint industry, he is very particular about this (he details for a hobby too), recommended them after he had his AMV8 resprayed by them.

I know I could have gone cheap and taken my chances but would rather pay more, this way if anything is wrong I will feel more able to complain!
Robert, "wrap" is the process of having the car completely covered in vinyl
Yuk, it will look like all the other brothers cars
Yuk, it will look like all the other brothers cars

Got the car back, the work looks fantastic I mean really good so happy. Only slight issue is a scratch that has appeared on the wing so chasing to get that resolved
and as expected they are fitting in for a fix! I will let you all know who I used later, needless to say I used them on the recommendation of an AMV8 owning friend who had his car fixed there. He works in the suppy of paint to luxury car brands and is meticulous when it comes to paint, the work is brilliant
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