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Has anyone seen this

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Hi folk's I've just come across this, I'm thinking it could save a few quid on petrol, has anyone any thoughts?, not really interested in any extra power, just petrol saving, thanks.

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2002 2.1 petrol.
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They have been discussed many times
they are a simple resistor worth pennies, which fool the ECU into running the fuel enrichment it uses at cold startup all the time. Dunno if this will actually damage the engine, but it's sure gonna hurt your mpg
hi there,
i did talk to a man who had a thing on his fuel rail, he said it was great but after a short time he needed a new ecu
if it's not broken dont fix it

2002 2.1 petrol.[/QUOTE]
Cheers, sorry I've not seen it before, I was'nt looking for anything like this, came across it by chance, thanks for the info.
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