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Headlamps - again.

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Hi all. I'm new here but know that this subject has come up before, as I have read some threads. So apologies for yet another question.

I had the same problem as many others and tried a few things. After having cleaned up the bulb holder to reflector contact and not starting the engine with the headlamp switch on, I seemed to have got over the problem. However a short while after forgetting one day and starting the engine with headlamps on, both dip beam bulbs blew at different times soon after. Nearside was Ok when I changed the bulb but the offside didn't come back on. Then I found that putting pressure on the connector would cause a motor noise. It was as if the height adjuster was working. A short while after that, the noise stopped and no light, even with pressure.

OK, so I probably blew a fuse somehow. So I'm looking for help as to which fuses are in the supply lines to the dip beams. It seems that there are many different fuse box layouts and I haven't found the correct one yet. (2005 2.2D Estate). Can anyone point me to the correct fuse layout please?

Why do people remove the driver manuals when used cars are sold? :(

Many thanks for any help
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