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Headlight restoration kit...

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Evening all

Not sure if I'm the last to have found out about this stuff!!! Anyway here goes nothing...

If your looking for a way to spend a couple of hours with a rewarding outcome then this stuff is for you.

Noticed the other day that my headlights were looking a bit how shall I put it? Old, foggy, misted, cloudy you pick one...

I had a look around and found "Meguiars One - Step Headlight Restoration Kit"

I read all the what to do & how to do it's and then me and my drill got to work.

Well I must say I was impressed!! Now if your looking for a perfect crystal clear finish then stop reading because you'll be disappointed...

I wont go I'll let you judge for yourself. It's not perfect but I think it's a big improvement. Here are some before & after photos...



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Hi Golan.
Numerous threads were posted on this subject on the old Forum, unfortunately we are unable to retrieve these posts now, but a post by bullseyeant some years ago was very informative and gave me the confidence to try mine, the process worked well and are still quite clear, perhaps if bullseyeant reads this he might post the details again I can say it works well and saves paying for a shop kit.
unfortunately we are unable to retrieve these posts now, but a post by bullseyeant some years ago was very informative and gave me the confidence to try mine, the process worked well and are still quite
Odd that merlin, as when I did a did a search (it only took a few seconds) and brought this post straight up you ARE able to retrieve posts!
Buck, you obviously didn't click on your own link to test it, that link goes to the main index page of the complete forum, as do most other old specific links, perhaps that is what Merlin is referring to, its been like that since day one of the new Forum.

That particular link is taking me straight to bullseyants thread but it maybe because its in my PCs cache?
Anyone who is taken to the main index can simply do an advanced search
Tick All Types
keyword headlight
and by user
and its the bottom one iof the two results
I did try that before posting my reply Buck, but I also just got the main page showing so assumed the old posts were unobtainable, but as you say using the advanced search and only putting HEADLIGHT in the search box it went to the post I was looking for, is it possible that putting too many words in the search box confused the issue?


Anyway that was the post and well worth keeping hold of.
I think if you can be as specific as possible helps narrow the results and knowing the O.P. narrows it right down.I think by using more words brings results with all of them (??).
Out at the Metrocentre on my mobile at the moment so unable to try as easily as if I was at home.
This link found it for me:

Copy and paste into your browser if clicking it doesn't work. My lights look the same if not slightly worse than the "before" pic so I'll definitely be giving this a go!
Ah I see you have found my thread LOL
I seem to have started something here... ;)
Still aside from the fact that you can or can't find the old link what about the headlights? Not bad for a novice! :D
Sorry mate, yes they've come up a treat!
Well in the mean time Golan , great job matey. I have attempted this once before on an old beemer its always a pleasure to see lights come up like buying new thats for sure..
Thank you chaps... Not perfect but they're much better. There's still a bit of the fluid left so I may have another go when I get back from Le Mans... :D
Golan my boy! your magic did indeed work well--well done!
perhaps when you get back from le mans you can change the left head-light back to the right hand side.
Only jesting there! (see photo's)
it does take a bit of nerve to start a job like this but well worth the time and effort.
Golan, they look great, mine are worse than yours so got to look at them soon, just one question....where did you get the "Meguiars One - Step Headlight Restoration Kit" from? I've looked on google and can only seem to get it from america (for approx £20) but with a postage of £30!!
Evening Jasper
Try this guy he's got loads of stuff at good prices...

eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
Cheers Golan....ordered! :)
No worries happy to help...;)
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