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Headlights Come on when car is parked and unattended?

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Sorry if this is a problem already dealt with in other threads, I came home from work this morning and dearest said that earlier the headlights had come on the Jag for a few mins then went off. I was wondering if it is something to do with some setting or other that leaves the lights on when you walk to the door in the dark after switching it off? However as it had been parked up for hours and no one had touched it I am at a loss as to why it did it on its own?
Any clues please most gratefully received.
Cheers Tony
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nothing to do with the "lights on" button on the key fob was it?
That's a thought? Where is the lights on on the key fob, I can't see it
With key at top, lights on switch is bottom left. Happens to me a lot, also boot opens too. Keys in pocket, lean against something or bend down to pick something up = lights on.

Ah blind as a bat I didnt see it!! Cheers for the info :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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