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Heated front screen - standard on an S?

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I am looking 'seriously' now for an estate. I had assumed a HFW was standard an a S. Was this on later model years only, or just optional?
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Std on the SE, Sport Premium and Sov only. Check out the "X-Type model specs and info" sticky.
This may help, though I don't know what years it covers

Looks like it was part of a options package on the S.

It's something I'd consider living without.
On a rainy night on an unlite road with cars coming on to you, you may as well let Stevie Wonder drive!
I think it was only available as standard on the SE and was an option on the S along with power fold mirrors, headlamp washers, both front and rear parking sensors, and chrome side window surrounds
I was amazed to find that this feature, standard on the Mondeo range, was an extra on most X Types. That's what I call mean.
It also varies with model year, also some came with the optional winter pack (heated seats, screen and headlamp washers)

I had a heated front screen on my Mondeo, and the XJR has one as well, my X-Type not.
TBH it's one of those things, you can live without it if you don't have one, but it's nice to have on those 3 or 4 times a year when you actually need it, and the rest of the time it's a PITA when driving at night.
Ironic never had heated screen on my AWD X Type and could have done with it and made use of it many times,yet my X350 comes with heated screen,seats etc but you cant drive the car on (snow) days bad enough to need it!
We find Heated front screens are absolutely brilliant, even have one on our second car a 1999 Fiesta Skip. When frosty will clear screen whilst your scraping side windows. Night vision I have never noticed a problem but then have had them for so long may not notice it. As others have said, you can live without them.

Had one now on my last 2 cars, this being one of them. Great feature, especially here in Germany where it got down to -23 degrees last winter! Cleared in no time.

Some people have found that the wiring is all present for it to be retrofitted to the car.
prisoners retrofitted the heated screen the wiring was there but he had to change the climate control panel to get the button for the screen, and add extra relay
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