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Heated seat malfunction

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Hello everybody,

I have a problem with the front driver's (i have a left hand drive jaguar X-type) seat heating, namely it does not work. I press the switch, the red or yellow light comes on, but no heating whatsoever. the passenger seat heating works just fine. Does anyone have a clue about what is going on?

I know that there is a seat heating module under the passenger seat (again on a left hand drive car), but what i want to ask is if there is one under the driver's seat as well and if it could be the one respnsible for the malfunction. Or is it the worst case scenario in which the heating line under the cushion is interrupted?

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i had a volvo 850 with heated seats and my drivers seat heater didnt work, eventually got it working after realising the connector under the seat was at fault. the wires that go into the plug had snapped, crimped some new spade connectors onto the snapped wires plugged back onto the connector under the seat cushion and hey presto heated seat again. you could see if your wires are ok, if they have snapped its an easy fix and cheap to do.
Are both the cushion and the back not heating up?
If it was a simple wiring disconnect then i'd be surprised for both parts to be not working.
But then again, if the lights on the button function correctly, then it doesn't seem to be a problem with the Heated Seat Module either...

I would;

Swap over the Heated Seat Modules, if the heater starts working then you know you've got a bad module.

If that doesn't help then check for loose connectors under the seat. Don't go poking around with a multimeter, unless you are 100% sure that you're on the correct wires. Don't forget there is an airbag in the seat back, and an explosive pre-tensioner in the seatbelt buckle.

If it does turn out to be the seat module, I have a spare, PM me your address.

Have a look at the link in my signature for the electric seat retrofit, lot's of pics of the wiring under the seats.
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hi Cambo 351,

thanks for your take on the matter. Both the cushion and the back aren't heating up.

I looked around under the driver's seat and i can't seem to locate the heating module. on the passenger side it's just under the edge of the seat. I thought of swapping them, but i can't find the driver's seat one. I will have to take a closer look tomorrow. Hopefully i cand find it and have a switch to see if that is the problem.
I'll post an answer tomorrow and we'll work from there.

Thanks again!
ok, so i'm back with no news :) i am unable to locate the driver's seat heating module, and i think that the module under the passenger seat does all the work. I will make a visit to a auto-electrician, maybe he will be able to sort this problem out.

i'll get back with news of how that went.
If you are sure the passenger module does all the work - and I don't have wiring diagrams / plugs to hand to confirm - it may be possible to swap the connectors over so the right hand button powers the left hand seat and vice-versa
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