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Hello Folks Steve Miller here.

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Hello all

I have just bought my first ever Jaguar a 2005 manual S-Type 2.7. I have always had a hankering to own a Jaguar, this dating back to being a young lad travelling in my dads car and watching a series III E-Type V12 roar past.

I have found my way here as I always like to find a good source of information on any car I own. I bought the car with just over 100k miles on the clock but feeling very tight and not far off a new car condition. I sought the manual out as I prefer manual to auto. The car so far has performed above expectation indicating a 50mpg plus when cruising at an also indicated 70mph. The prime reason for purchase was to munch miles quietly and economically, so so good.

Regards Steve
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Hi Steve, Welcome to the forum. You should find a lot of good advice on here.

Hi Steve. Welcome to the forum. :)
Welcome Steve. You taught me something there. I never knew they did a manual version in the S type.
Welcome Steve. You taught me something there. I never knew they did a manual version in the S type.
Yes and a nice six speed it is, positive yet light both in action and use of clutch.

Hi Steve,
Welcome to Jaguar ownership, the website and forum.
I have owned my 04 X350 since last November and it's brilliant.
Everyone here is friendly and helpful and some of the usernames here ( like TeapotTony and PigletJohn ) make me smile.

Tootle Pip.

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Welcome to the Forum Steve,

Don't be shy about posting some pics of your new pride and joy

Well I have had the Restricted Power for the first time today. No real issue pulled over switched off and started up with the fault cleared.

One of my colleagues at work (a former XF2.7 owner) asked me "how was I getting on with the Jag" so told him of my problem this morning. He said he had been told that if this happened find a stretch of motorway and allow the car to slowly accelerate up to 70mph still with the restricted signal on and hold it there for at least 5 miles, stopping and restarting the car to clear the indicated fault. He said over some 150k miles he had used this fix a number of time and it always sorted the issue.

I will use this the next time if and when this happens.
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