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Hello from another new member

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With a history of very decent but not amazingly inspiring company cars until 2 years ago, I have just (2 months ago) bought my first ever Jaguar.

I have been promising myself one for over a year and finally got round to buying one.

I wanted to get a V8 and have looked at XK8's, XJ's and S types.

Finally got it into my head that the XK8 is wonderful but not as practical as I really need and the XJ is quite a bit bigger than I really want or need so I ended up buying a 55 plate S-Type R. Which is very nice.

It has given me a couple of electronic issues (An O2 sensor replaced, the rear sunscreen was initially stuck, and it still intermittently tells me that it does not have a phone fitted when it definitely does have a bluetooth kit) but apart from these niggles it is really very everything I hoped for.

I still cannot quite believe just how much car you get for your money.

Since I have had a couple of problems I think I might well get myself an OBD2 code scanner and any advice on which one I should buy would be appreciated.
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Welcome to the fold! Jags are the bargains of the car world, as Jeremy Clarkson once said "don't tell them [the admirers] how little you paid for it!".

As to the code readers, I have Memoscan U581 which I'm happy with but there's lots of options out there and the subject has been done a few times on here, one quite recently. Try the search facility and see what you can find.
Welcome to the forum, it is amazing just how good the Jaguar is for the money, enjoy :D by the way I went and brought Autoenginuity software £400 but it reads all the codes and is great it even tell you which parking sensor is not working
Hi. Welcome to the forum. I hope you are enjoying the performance that the R gives you. :)
Thanks for all your posts and comments. I had not thought of autoenginuity software but will look into that.
I really am enjoying the car. It isn't just the performance , though there is plenty of that, it is just always a really pleasant and enjoyable place to be.
I can waft along in comfort if i like but that is backed up by what seems to be effortless power if you put your foot down.
I know it is thirsty but I find myself looking for excuses to go the long way round or even just "for a drive around". That is pretty much a first for me as far as cars go.
I have had to learn to be very delicate with my right foot however. Hitting either pedal with any real pressure has startling results (I am sure that the dealer who I went to for my first test drive thought I must be some sort of new driver, or just an incompetent nutcase.. we were either rocketing along or making emergency stops until I started to get the hang of it). thanks again for the welcome all of you,
Hi and Welcome to the forum John :)
Welcome to the forum mate
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