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Hello from Leeds/Wakefield border totally new to Jag

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hello folks
im from Leeds/Wakefield border
i have in the past 12-18 months had 3 or 4 new cars/ex demo cars
they consist of Merc C220 cdi (ex demo) had that for 6 months or so then decided to move up to an E 220cdi
got it home and for a car that was only 6 months old it drove like a pig and was leaking oil & water from the engine
sent that back to Merc Leeds and got my money back (also fell out with Merc Leeds for not answering calls and ignoring my repeated requests for them to find me a proper car! )
bought an ex demo Audi A6 S Line v6 diesel although i liked the Audi i still wanted a Merc E class
went to York Mercedes and bought a brand new E250 cdi sport
i have enjoyed the Mercedes up until i started to get back ache and also sciatica (sp?)
now i realise it was me who bought the Sport variant with the upgraded wheels with low profile tyres etc and on the test drive it fealt hard but i didnt have this back ache then


in all this time i have also been looking at the XF but due to all the extras i have had in the past i have always spec'd higher than i could afford
well on Friday i went into H A FOX in Leeds
i saw a decent salesman called Keith and explained i am not really bothered about all the extras as i have never used them ie:- sat nav,speed limit assist(merc) i like leather but have a specialist who does nappa so not worth the factory option IMHO
the Merc has the bendy lights that go round the corner but after using them for 6 or so months they are ok but not essential
all i really need is
a usb to plug my memory stick into

so today i finalised a deal on a brand new XF SE
and although i originally wanted a white one i fell in love with an ebony one in the showroom and will be ready to go as soon as i pay for it

so thats me
i say it as i see it and what you is what you get lol

heres a few iphone piccies for those interested
the first contains my boy who came with me on friday and wanted a photo in front of a black XF i hadnt noticed lol and that is the 1 i bought today

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