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Hello to all

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I'm Phil, from just outside of Portsmouth on the South coast. Having just taken my first step on the Jaguars ownership ladder by picking up a V reg V6 S-Type, great car for the money, needs a few small things done but as its new owner I am very willing to bring this cat back to glory.

I have admired these cars for quite sometime and often thought maybe one day I could own one? That day has arrived!

It looks super sat on the driveway infront of my other love a Volvo 850 T5R in olive green.

I am very happy to own two fantastic cars, but the Jaguar is the one getting the comments from family and friends.

Have had quite a varied history in cars from Metro - Orion - Rovers including a 75 - Freelander -Quashqui - Volvo and now a proud owner of a Jaguar.

I hope members won't mind me picking their brains for Jaguar information on the few issues I have?

Look forward to making contact in the future.

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Welcome to the forum phil, lots of friendly and helpful members on here, enjoy:D
Hi Phil. Welcome to the forum. :)
hi phil welcome to the forum, sold my volvo 850 2.0 10v estate in olive green for a jaguar x type 2.0d s, and i love my jag more than the volvo. but did you know volvo only made 500 t5r's in olive green, thats total including saloon and estate, so you have a pretty rare volvo there. there is a one at the end of the street to me and its totally original in mint condition. but hope you enjoy jag and the grins that come with it.
Hi Johnxtype,

Thanks, my Volvo has been put back to full factory standard. My brother in law has 4 at the moment, but mine is now one of only 40 on the road! Never sell it! The Jag has a different effect on me, but the grin when in sport leaving ****y kids at lights, is great. Never thought I would find a car to replace the Volvo on so many levels.

My S-Type has a few issues but not to many to make it a great car again. One has me stumped at the moment, the heater only blows hot! Even when on cold? Has a few other issues but not much to get it purring again.

What made you choose the X-Type?

hi phil, always wanted a jag but could never afford the running cost associated with the petrol engined versions so when the x type diesel was launched i new it was the jag for me, i know there was always the choice between the s type and x type but have always liked the x type ever since i first saw one. i like the overall look of the x over the s. would eventually want to upgrade to the x350 xj but even then i wont get rid of the x as its been so reliable. your heater problem is a strange one, reminds me of a beetle my mams friend had years ago which would only blow red hot all year round. im sure you will be able to find the answers to what it could be on the s type part of the forum, there are plenty of friendly and knowledgeable people on here that will be able to help you out, ive had plenty of help from some really good people on here and plenty of general banter too. hope you enjoy the forum and the jag, john.
Welcome to the forum mate ;)
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