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Hello to you all from Las Vegas, NV

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I just purchased a 2008 Jag X type V6 w 78,000 miles. Thanks to all the members for the great knowledge that is possessed and shared. The engine is quiet like a church mouse and the interior is pristine. Everything seems to work (I'm finding more and more items). The UK is dear to my heart since Bristol was where my father was born. Sorry to say he is long departed. Again, THANKS Mike
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Hi Mike, welcome to the forum enjoy your V6

Welcome to the forum Mike :)
Welcome along Mike.
Welcome to the forum Mike, enjoy.:mrgreen:

Hi Mike,

Welcome to Jaguar ownership, the website and forum.
Everyone here is friendly and helpful and some of the usernames here (like TeapotTony and PigletJohn) make me smile.

Tootle Pip.

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Welcome to the forum Mike and Jaguar ownership,

Always great to have another cousin from over the pond join our madhouse :-D

The X type section is a mine of information, useful tips, fixes and banter, you'll want for nothing.

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