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Help engine is knocking!

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My x type 3.0 v6 sport is making a horrible knocking sound?
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Possible big end shells. Either new shells and crank depending on how scored it is, probs cheaper for a used engine. Whats the milage? I'm on 140k on mine and sounding sweet, got to check your oil levels and keep new oil in to keep these things running sweet. This is worst case scenario. Is it definately coming from bottom half of engine?

Its on 102,000 and im sure its from the bottom end thats knocking, i will have to investigate further. Thanks for giving me somewhere to start though, it sounds exspensive to me ?
You could be a bit more descriptive, but no amount of forum advice will cure a knocking engine.

Is it knocking, tapping, ticking, clonking, and is it when cold, warm, both. Top of engine, bottom, geabox, when turning, braking, accelerating........?

I should just take it to the garage mate. Diagnosing noises on forums is never eay or accurate.

Good luck, hope you sort it.

I've edited this simply to acknowledge that you posted before I did!

If it is bottom end then you already have your answer. Get a new short engine if you can, don't mess about trying to fix the old one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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