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Help for a new member

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Afternoon everyone,

Im new to the site and registered a few weeks ago in the hope for some advice if/when i have a problem, typically the faults have started earlier than i hoped. I received a restricted performance message on my dash at the weekend and after code reading it its reorted fault P0351, now my question is which cylinder is number one?

Thanks in advance for the replies

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If you are sitting in the car it is the front right.
Hi Norrie thanks ever so much for taking the time to reply that's been a great help, I haven't searched for views but would you know what the general consensus is on coil packs ie second hand, dealer or after market if available of course?
Had the same on my Sovereign 4.0 a while back, a quick trip to the breakers, one used-but-good coil pack for £15 and 20 mins to change (first time so went slowly) and Misty was right as rain ever after. Wouldn't hesitate to do the same on Nessie (the XK8) if it should happen.

Hi jima thanks for the reply, sounds like just the job ile be in the phone in the morning, it's such a relief it's a nice simple job I haven't had it long but absolutely love it


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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