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Help - keys locked inside car

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Day 1 of LPG conversion not going well - keys in the ignition, locked in the car.

Spare keys are a 12 hour / 100 quid round trip away.
Dealers are only open on Wednesday as it is public holiday here in UK.

Know anywhere I can mail order a key by VIN in the UK?
Locksmith in South Wales that can cut one by VIN?
Ways to break into these cleanly?
Bonnet is open - any way to pop locks from under bonnet?

It doesn't need to be a transponder key etc - just gain access to the cabin.

I'm [email protected] and 07774 524 114...


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I always get the RAC to break into mine when I lock myself out. Not done it with the Jags but I've done it three time with various Nissans ... :eek:
There is a way to open the boot using a piece of wire or metal coat hanger by shorting two wires together in the drivers wing. Read it on here a few times, do a search for locked boot or similar and you might find it. Then if you have the fold down rear seats you can pull the lever and climb in through the boot.

Good luck, if not call the AA or RAC and see what they can do?

I locked my keys in my X Types boot. You can open the doors by getting a metal rod eg coathanger,file to a point and mask the drivers door and wing where the wiring harness goes from the door to behind the wing.Its possible to short the locking wiring which unlocks all the doors(except the boot).When you open any of the doors the alarm will go off so just switch off when you retrieve the key. Lucky they aren't in the boot as you then need to remove back seat with alarm blaring.
PHONE BREAKDOWN, they will insert a small plastic wedge in the top of the doorframe, then a thin air bladder.

Pump air bladder by hand until a 1/4 inch gap appears. Stick long and strong wire inside to door handle realease. Pull. Door opens. Finish.
Can be very hard to do that.We found it impossible to get the wire round the door handle and be able to pull the handle on the last (non Jag) one we had at the bodyshop.
Hi OOps....Is it worth trying the stiff wire trick......Bend a loop on the end of some stiff wire and then on any door try to push a stiff wire past the door rubber, bending it as you go so that it curls around to reach the inner pull handle. If you can steer it in that direction and pull the handle, all the doors can be opened. The alarm may activate, so just turn on the ignition.....Good Luck
Gah, forgot the model in the blind panic...

X308 - Daimler Super V8. Round trip completed by grumpy individual in record time. Beers on table, all is now well.

Only other thought we had (but didn't try, lest it crack the windscreen) was dropping the car onto a block and trying to 'pop' the inertia switch - do these cars unlock the doors when you crash?
Glad you got it sorted
If you were smashing the windscreen in order to gain access with a view to just paying your windscreen excess then you could just smash a door glass and have the same insurance glasss excess....saves injuring yourself or damaging your dash climbing through a broken screen,and you wont get rained on on the drive home (might be worth ringing whichever glass company your insurer uses to see what glass is available quickest before deciding which one to break)
You need to add your car to your signature/profile for any future help as its now only known what you have on this thread.
Dont know where you are but we charge £45+VAT to get in.
No damage, no grief.
Could have cut you a spare while I was there.

No one can cut these by VIN a key cut codes are not recorded by dealers.
Maybe they meant they can cut a key by code (which is what all good locksmiths can do).

Anyway, now your sorted but if it happens again, give me a call. We network and i can put you in touch with an autolocksmith local to you.
Good to know ponsaloti, thanks!

I've picked up a spare passenger's/driver's door glass and have ordered another spare key to prevent any future grief.
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