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Help Please

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Having real problems with my XJR, spent lots of money and still not got the problem sorted.

You may have seen my posts about sea sick, had loads of checks done and now looking at new tyres.

Would any members be willing to allow me to swap wheels from my car with yours to see if different wheels and tyres sort the problem.
Dan101 has been good enough to offer too do this for me but he is a long way from me.

I am still recovering from a brain hemorrhage late last year and I'm not able to drive the distance he lives from me. Also I'm still not able to use a jack, let alone swop wheels myself, so would need help to carry out this task.

My XJR has 18" wheels and the bigger brakes if this makes any difference.

Please can anybody help me

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If its any help,when I had the Pirelli,s on the rear I would go across the white line that separated the 2lanes and the car felt unweighted at the rear,now I have a pair of avons on the rear it doesn't do it any more.
The pirellis were 3mm tread.
Took the car 4 its MOT, it failed on 1 tyre which had a cut in the tread, so jumped in and replaced all 4 tyres, found that had the wrong size fitted anyway, gave it a good run out and at last happy with the drive. Can start saving up some more money now to get the body work done :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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