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Hi all, found this forum by mistake.... Joined straight away.

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Hi, Just a little story... I retired to France a few years ago. On my last visit (Christmas) I bought my first Jaguar xf 2.7 2009. On returning to France I found a certain Jaguar Forum and have used ever since. I have returned to uk to visit my daughter my laptop is back in France... It's Ok, I have my wife's iPad. Oh bu££er I forgot my password. Then I found JaguarForum and now I feel lots better. Great site... Lots of info. I'm very pleased with my car. We have just had our first trip to Spain. It was great the car performed superb. Anyway enough of my wittering .... Hello to all.
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Welcome to the forum Phil, I hope you enjoy the the forum and maybe post some pic's:D
Hi Phil. Welcome to the forum. :)
Thanks both. Phil.
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