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Hi from a New Member trying to use the How to Guides

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Hi I am a new user and think this site is a great source of info. I am trying to use the How to Guides as all roads point to Goudys guide for changing the tensioner on a diesel x type as the definitive bible. Can anybody tell me how to get the link to it. Every time I select the link I am put back to the start forum page, if you can help I would much appreciate it. Thanks Mick
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barney100golf thanks for the reply, it is about that subject, but as you will see in the reply from Goudy line 3 he advises trevor yeates to look at this topic "viewtopic.php?f=14&t=39614" full link and this is the link I am trying to get to. Mick
Try using the advanced search as a number of links aren't working yet since changing to the new forum as per thread in the Forum News, Comments and suggestions section
Thanks for the response it is now 11.20 I have tried everything including reading the complaints of members, using advanced search and asking if anybody knows how to find the answer since about 17.00 today. I appreciate that the site has recently upgraded but it must be the hardest and most frustrating forum I have used. Whilst the members give up time to provide these valuable guides it is a shame more is not being done to make them available as this is how you will get more members and more importantly keep them interested.
Agree and in the meantime until admimistrator sorts it have you tried searching for posts only by the member above?
yes tried that got loads that Goudy had started but sadly not the How to that everybody refers to
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