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HID headlights drooping.

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Just had to use my car at night, first time since since last winter, and have found that both headlights are drooping down and only illuminating about 10ft in front of the car. Have done a search in the Stickies section and found a quick/cheap solution by screwing a self tapping screw into the adjuster between the lights on each side. Have seen a video of this being carried out but believe that they were not HID type headlights, no headlight washers (always thought that HID headlights were fitted with bumper mounted washer assemblies).
So my question is - can this screw fix be used on HID type headlights?
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Yes they can, done one on mine.
PS have you checked they are broken, eg grab the main headlight bulb holder and see if it moves the reflector up and down as if it's not connected?
Thanks for the quick reply stanboy.
The main beam headlight moves up/down on both main and dipped assemblies when the main headlight bulb holder is moved, on both sides of the car.
Okay, so what does this mean?
Is it possible to repair them?
Yes repair them has per your previous instructions, when deciding to drill notice as you move the headlamps / reflectors up and down you will notice a chrome plunger( thicker than a cigarette, moving backwards and forwards, this is what to aim for to hit it in the centre.

What's your location?
I am in Somerset.
Is there a fix to return them to correct operation? Read about some cogs going brittle?
Do they do the up and down self test when you first turn them on? if so they’re working fine. Have you checked the front and rear axle level sensors? The mere fact that both have dropped at the same time indicates that one of these sensors is stuck or has failed. Highly unlikely that both of your headlight adjusters would break at the exact same time.
One more time, if you can wiggle waggle them Obout with the headlight bulb holder, then they are broken the screw remedy will push them back in place, if they are rigid resisting your hand movement then follow Fitzies post?
Mod now carried out and light shining up the road better, final adjustment required if i get flashed when on dipped beam. Yes Fitzy, i thought it was odd that they should both go at the same time, especially after the car had just come back from a service! (couple of split pins found in the engine bay as well, why would they be needed in a service?) Last time it was serviced it came back with a broken header tank!
Thank you all for your help, but would still like to put them back to original if not too expensive, any help/advice out there?
Get the new adjuster pivots from eBay, open your headlamps and replace them.

The link to the videos on how is in the thread in our S Type Stickies subforum, and you can find them easily on YouTube too.
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