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Hidden compartment

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Right then I need your help. I’ve just dropped a nut in the car and it’s gone down between the driver’s seat and the gearbox area. It was sat just to the side of the seat slider when I put my hand down to try and retrieve it, but as I pushed it forward it fully down a hole in the seat slider. I can feel it still, but it’s a long way down and I doubt that a magnet will get it out. Please can someone tell me how to get it out and please don’t tell me it involves taking the seat out or the whole centre console. I know people are probably going to say by a new nut, but that’s not the point, I want that one back L.

Look forward to your help.

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Hoover gaffer tape and a bit of thin wagon airline. Poke around and it should stick to the end. Usually end up a few quid better off aswell!
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