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car service For "auto serv contracts," the bulk of Google results pages are littered with postings from Car Buyers advising customers to avoid them at all costs.

Every customer that walks into your store has probably read a few of these and decided not to buy an extended warranty or auto service agreement.

As a result, your dealership is instantly at a disadvantage while negotiating. For this reason, it's critical to understand how to portray your car service agreements to potential consumers in the best possible way.

3 Guidelines for Promoting Service Contracts to All Automobile Buyers

Rule 1

Inform your clients that you are aware that it has been suggested they refrain from purchasing an extended Car Buyer warranty. This immediately negates the effect of anything your customers have read. If you've read them as well and can refute them, you've just gone from being disadvantaged to regaining control of the discussion.

Naturally, it is now your responsibility to make sure that your team is aware of the arguments made in opposition to service agreements and is equipped to respond to them beforehand.

Rule 2

Speak with your clients. Ask your consumers questions such as "what would you say to someone buying a car without a warranty" during the sales process. "How long before it needs repairs do you anticipate your Car Buyer will last?" What do you believe the typical repair costs for this car are? likewise, "How long do you intend to retain this car?"

By asking thoughtful questions that frame the conversation with "when" your car needs repairs down the road rather

then "if" your car will need repairs down the road, the benefits of the vehicle service agreement will now jump out to the customer instead of being buried under a mountain of doubt and unfavorable beliefs.

Rule 3

Make use of the statistics. People now maintain their cars for longer and longer periods. Whether the terrible economy, superior engineering, or other circumstances are to blame, the facts are undeniable. Following their purchase, 78% of drivers stated that they expected to keep their car for at least 10 years. 54% of respondents to the same survey indicated they would only purchase a new car if required or if their existing one died.

Most drivers treat their car more like a tool than pleasure or comfort, and they do so. Remember that if you NEED your Car Buyer and if it is a useful tool, you should take good care of it for as long as you can to make the initial purchase worthwhile.

In summary

Purchasing service contracts gives the car buyer peace of mind. Your customer won't have to come up with new brakes because it has already been paid for. They won't be concerned about many of the regular wear-and-tear charges, which could be d

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