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How to remove back cover on door mirrors XK8

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Hi guys
finally i found the replacement of my broken powerfold door mirrors... wow !
The problem is that they sent me in blue color and my car is green.
My green covers are very good, so i think that to dont trash money the best solution would be to use my covers on new blue mirrors.
How can i remove safely the cover to dont brake everything (im specialist in breaking everything LOL) and install my green ones on them ?
Any help is appreciated ! Thanks guys and nice weekend to everybody !
Ciao !!!
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The covers are held on by a few locking washers. With extreme care prize off the mirror glass then With care using a blunt screw driver you can push the backing plates off. Catch the washers and re fit your blue covers.
Hi and thank you so much !
The part supplier told me that is possible to remove the back covers also pulling with a small screwdriver without removing the mirror.
Is it true ? He told me that are clipped on.
I dont wanna break everything when i will get it ;)
Thanks so much again !
It may be possible to remove the cover without removing the mirror, but it is not to be recommended to those attempting the job for the first time IMO! The safe, proper method of removing the mirror glass is to use the fingertips to ease the inner edge of the mirror outwards by about 3 mm. (Having the mirror inclined fully inwards will assist in making room for the fingers!) Then, while holding it there with one hand, use the other hand to pull the outer edge towards the rear of the car and it should come out just like that. Then the clips securing the coloured cover can be accessed for removal.
Thanks guys for precious help.
Maybe would be better to let me help from some service point in that operation that for sure would be very easy for them.
Thanks so much and nice weekend to everybody !
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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