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How's your Ride?

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Just wondered how owners are finding the ride and were they offered the option of the comfort suspension tune.
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I have the 19" wheels and the ride is just fine, maybe not quite as smooth as my X350 which is on 18's but I have heard that the 20's on the new XJ are a bit more harsh which is why I stayed with the standard fitment when ordering my car.I was not offered a comfort tune up.
Interesting as I heard there were customer complaints regarding ride quality and a retune of the suspension had to be intro'd to sort this.
Compared to the 7 series on runflats this car is a dream even on 20" wheels. I think it handles potholes well. Only thing is a slight low speed bobble when tyres are cold
I have read a lot about this and when ordering my new XJ thought about getting the 19" wheels instead of the 20" ones. In the end I decided to stick with the 20" as the new ones have been given a "suspension upgrade" to keep the handling - but smooth the ride, and I also currently have an XFS with 20" wheels and find it fine, so the XJ will be softer to me even if it's a bit harder to others. I guess I'll find out soon enough, but the test drives were excellent.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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