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Is it me? or do the hyperlinks in the "How to" section not work? I was trying to view 'How to clean the EGR'.
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Same here using Firefox 12.0
It don't work they updated the site and nacked it all up and no matter how many posts and moans they just don't seem interested
Yer they do seem to have F*!ked it up - The site was much better for the user before. Maybe they can reset the hyperlinks at least get some functions working again.
This has been mentioned quite a few times on this forum now and no answer as to if they're going to be fixed or not. Don't even bother googling either, all the search hits don't work for this site. Best thing to do is try an advanced search of the thread and try find it that way.
i do like the new forum, the old 1 was easier to use tho. Still not feeling jaguar-ish yet, would of thought at least that would of been a priority to this new forum.

Also been seeing a higher number of uk based people on the u.s site too...and that cant be good.
Any answers moderators/owners
I took the precaution of copying most of these guides to my PC, just in case the links disappeared, so I can post the ones I have back to the forum if it helps.
OK, I give up. I can't download any of the guides I've accumulated due to the size restriction on file downloads, despite the fact that they are within the limits prescribed. If anyone wants info on EGR cleaning, ACM fitting, CD changer fitting etc., if I have them, I'll pass them on. Leave a message with your e-mail address, and I'll send what I can.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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