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I’m back

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After selling my second Jaguar XJ about five years ago for a new VW Tiguan, which was then replaced by an excellent BMW 525d, I have now impetuously bought a 2014 3.d XF Portfolio S. Here’s hoping the reliability will be better than my last Jaguar. Pick up the XF in about a week, but on the test drive I was unexpectedly impressed. It’s got a lot to live up to, hope I have done the right thing.
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Welcome back.
Welcome back and hope you will show pics when you get it.

Welcome back.
I too returned to Jag ownership last week and am loving it. I'm also glad to be rid of the Bentley GT that I had for 4 years.
I hope the XFR is as reliable as the 4 X350's I owned previously.
Enjoy your new ride.

Grim Reaper , every Bentley GT I have passed since your return to the Forum has reminded me of your costly experiences
because at around £25 K some of us no doubt would still take a punt on one . Any good experiences with the car and how
soon after purchase did it start to go wrong for you . The main reason I ask was that some time back I was offered one in
a deal for the Aston which I turned down
Hi reddiesel.

Funny you should mention Aston's.
I once had a new DB7 V12 Vantage. However, the workshop seemed to have it more than me.
Every time they had it in, for it's many faults, they lent me an X350 XJ.
After 8 months and another fault, I swapped it for a new X350 XJR. Loved the XJR so much that I've now owned 3 of them.

My last XJR, the modified one, was swapped for the Bentley. After just a few months and at 53,000 miles, I had to have the engine and box removed for an air leak. A very common fault up until around 2007 models. The cost of replacing a £200 part was £3,700. It was then a tale of woe with many faults occurring. In all, around £16,000 over 4 years. A bitter pill to swallow.

Having said that. It's a great car with real presence and the road holding, with it's 4 wheel drive, is incredible.

My missus wants another one but next time I will buy from a main dealer and get a Bentley warranty.

Cheers. Les.
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You did the right thing. The XF is the most reliable and dependable car I've ever owned! You won't want to get rid of it and if you do, you'll mourn its absence!
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