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I think I must be getting old!

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I think I must be getting old! I traded my X308 XJR in for a 4.2L X350 a couple of years ago. I had owned it for 7 years so fancied a change and got the 4.2SE as a compromise as my family found the XJR ride a bit harsh on long family trips.

Ever since then it has bugged me that there was a bigger better faster x350 out there so I took an '07 XJR for a test drive this weekend. I was surprised to find that I came away slightly disappointed. The performance is bonkers and you could never get bored with that but an XJR on 20" wheels seems to amplify all the bumps. My SE has 20" wheels as well but with comfort suspension, and the ride seems to be spot on. I was actually pleased to get back in it afterwards as the ride is noticeably smoother but without the wallow of the cars with smaller wheels. The performance is more than enough for day to day use and it is a much more comfortable ride for my family.

Having said that, I am taking an '07 XKR and hopefully an '07 XK out for a test drive this weekend :) They are totally impractical with 13 and 15 year old children but may be it is time to buy something just for me! I haven't driven an X150 before so it will be interesting to see how the ride compares to the XJR. I love the shape of them but have to decide whether I could live with one. I have owned three XJS's in the past but the kids were a lot younger and smaller then and the XJS rear seats were far more usable.

I still haven't discounted the XJR and it was indigo blue with black leather. I am not a big fan of dark leather but along with the dove contrasting stitching and the rare Satin American Walnut veneer it made quite a striking combination.

It also had adaptive cruise control which is a great option as I spend 90% of my time on cruise control, even around town so to have the car automatically adjust speed to the cars in front would be brilliant. It also had some sort of ipod/iphone lead integrated in to the stereo.

One fault I did notice though is that there was a slight clonk from the rear when I gently pressed and released the accelerator so there must be some wear in the drive train somewhere.

The dealer with the XJR has an XJR Portfolio arriving this week but unfortunately it has done mega mileage otherwise I would probably jump at that as it is the first one I have seen advertised here in New Zealand.
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What about a Super V8? the same power as the XJR but with comfy seats & suspension.

The XJR Portfolio is a special beast...but high mileage is high mileage....
Test driving an XK/R, youre gonna love it, but you're family wont love you anymore. :eek:)
You can't always blame the wheels for ride quality. I find no difference whichever wheels I use, 18's or 20's. I reckon suspensions don't always come up as stated.
@Cambo - yup a Super V8 is definitely the solution but almost as rare as Portfolio's here and they usually have V high mileage.

@inditime - :) it is about time they stood on their own two feet!
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