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I am thinking of overhauling the rear suspension bushings on my ’06 S type. This is just a precautionary measure, the car handles well enough but it now is 11yrs. old and is approaching 86K miles.

I have sourced a complete set of second hand upper and lower wishbones, but would like some advice before attempting the re-bush job.
I haven’t sourced the replacement bushes as yet as I can’t make my mind up whether to go for polyurethane bushes or originals style ones.

I prefer a quiet, smooth ride to a sportier one, and wondered if the polyurethane would be a tad ‘harsher’

As I don’t have a press, would it be feasible to remove and replace bushes just using all threaded rod?
I could possibly get access to a press by paying a visit to a local mechanic but prefer to do the job in my own garage.

Any and all comments, advice etc. warmly appreciated.

Must read the relevant section of the forum now!


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Should be Ok, Ed China did it on one of the wheeler dealer cars the other week. Good luck.

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