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If I Weigh My Jag In...

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Morning all,

The time has come were i no longer want 5 cars on my driveway, so i have posted it in the For Sale section on here.....

BUT, if i end up weighing it in, which easy to remove parts are there that people would want - what often breaks on a 3.2 XJ6 and will sell well on Ebay?


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Hi Robbie. You could strip parts from the car and sell on ebay but it might take some time before you sell everything. On the other hand you could advertise the whole car as spares or repairs and shift the whole thing in one go. :rolleyes:
Hi Jerry, i have advertised the car on here this morning.

It has been on Ebay twice and both of the the winning bidders failed to show, so i thought that with what i actually want for the car, the scrappies won't be far off with out all the hassle.
However, for the sake of half an hour taking out the lights and a few other bits i may get a bit more.
I think if i took it to the scrappies, they would strip it to sell the bits anyway as it is in quite good condition.

I have just heard back from a breakers and they have offered me £350, so it looks like that's it decided then
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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