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Illuminated sill treadplates

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Whats involved in fitting/wiring these?
Is it something you could do yourself or is it a dealer job?
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I suspect that rather depends on your skill set?
You can view/download the fitting instructions for the XF from TOPIx - TOPIx.

I have downloaded the one for the XJ but is too large to attach here. Please PM me with a mail address if you would like me to send it. :)
I fitted mine in about 5 minutes per plate, you gently prise the original plate up with a screwdriver or similar, there will be a wire and plug tucked underneath, pop this out from where it is and connect it to the lead on the new illuminated plate, it is a straight forward plug and socket connection.
Then carefully line up the clips and lower the plate into position and press down firmly, done !!,
I did actually check the plate illuminated before clipping in place to make sure the connectioin was ok, the first may take you 10 minutes but the rest will be quicker.
I fancied them when I ordered the car but decided they were expensive, but 3 months down the line I decided I just had to have them, got them from ebay at a good price, mind you , not as good as the pair that sold last weekend for just £50, an amazing saving, I thought about buying them to resell but was actually busy at the end of the auction and forgot about them, damn !!
Pm sent to you
Ha ha I bought em!
50 for front treadplates plus 10 for postage
Will scour eBay etc for rears now
Well done !
Lancaster jaguar in Reading have an eBay site and have a few bargain pieces, they also do Aston and Lamborghini parts as well, not on the normal computer at the moment so can't remember the user name they use, but my rear plates came from them, if I remember their name then I will let you know.
Managed to find them, you could also email them for a price anyway to see how they compare with retail costs
Try this link
Lamborghini Collection, Jaguar Collection items in Premier Car Parts Online store on eBay!
Watford Jaguar also offer the complete set of 4 for £360. Bit more than your eBay bargain though :(
thanks fellas!
Just got the rears for 240 inc. delivery, so full set for £300
great price, they really are a talking point at night when people get in and out of the car.
Found fitting the back ones slightly awkward, especially having to cut down the oval plastic tube.

Does anyone know why the illuminated boot finisher is so expensive? Can justify that price.
I'm afraid I cannot either answer question, as mine were factory fitted, but boy they look cool and get tons of comments :)
I agree and I've done all 4 door sills but is the boot one worth £270? It's tiny!
Yes the prices are ridiculous

I only fitted them because I got them cheap

They do look really smart burnout way I'd pay dealer price
Also I wouldn't bother with boot one as a) who sees it and b) stupid price!
Completely agree with Bigmart. The boot finisher will rarely be seen by passengers so if it were me I would nt pay the money for that one. Glad mine has it though as an all round great addition and with the illuminated internal vents as well it is v cool.
Neil. You have so many LED's and interior lights on your XJ, it's a wonder the battery doesn't go flat every time you open the!!!
Ha ha. Agree. If I do an interior clean and leave doors open for 30 mins I get the battery low warning. Rear screens are main cause I reckon.
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