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In Control Touch Pro sim

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After a number of years driving German cars, I recently tested an XF. That has resulted in me ordering a 2.5t Portfolio which will hopefully be here by the end of the year or so.

I'm trying to understand how the in car SIM works. Am I correct in thinking that it just creates a hot spot to improve the connectivity of devices paired with the car and RTTI and apps would work without it?

If that's the case, my current data allowance would be adequate and I would just try to get a second SIM on the same contract.

I would appreciate any guidance or explanation, if I'm not understanding it correctly.
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Firstly welcome to the forum!

Yeah you pretty much got it right. The SIM is used for WiFi hotspot, the live apps, real time traffic information, satellite view and street view of your destination. All that’s required is a data micro SIM.
Thanks Ian. I'm looking forward to getting the XF, it was a real surprise to me how well it drove and rode. My current 530d was specced for comfort; 17" wheels, adaptive drive, full comfort pack etc but the XF R Sport seemed to have the measure of it so I expect the Portfolio to be even better!

But my perception of the SIM function was that it only provided the Hotspot, and was NOT needed for the other functions. I wasn't too clear about that, sorry.

If it's needed for everything, perhaps the best way forward is a PAYG data sim. Any ideas on how much data is likely to be used? Not going to be streaming music and only about 10k miles a year.
I’ve had my XE with ICT Pro for 2 months and have only used 250MB of data so far. I bought a 3 4G 12 month 12GB use anytime data SIM for £24.99. It’s all you need IMO for data.
Thanks again Ian, that sounds OK for me.
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