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Independant Jag specialist in Fife/Edinburgh

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Hello All,

As the title suggests I'm looking for a Jag specialist in the Fife/Edinburgh area. All I'm after is getting the ABS nut removed from the back of my front hubs. I already have them off the car and have new replacement wheel bearings ready to go in.

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Phil, Jag Specialists, Edinburgh & Fife none that I can confirm as Specialists. However the two garages below are recommended by other Members, so may be worth looking at. Suggest ring before travelling, as neither are close.
Hope all goes well with it.


I have not used any of these (too far away) therefore they are not recommendations from me. However you can type their names in search box (top right of page) to see what is known about them. Recommend go take a look at them first see what you think. Some may do loan cars, always worth asking.

STENHOUSE MOTORS, 195 Slateford Road, Edinburgh. EH14 1QA
Tele. 0131-443 3372 Cannot Confirm They Are a Jag Specialist, but see post below.
Postby The Mighty » Wed Mar 04, 2009 11:31 pm
Yes. Stenhouse Motors, 195 Slateford Road. They have XJ's in all the time and one of the guys in there owns an XJ6 and is right into them. I can highly recommend them, they have done a lot of work on my car.

EH22 1BE. Telephone 0131 6549331 Not a Jag Specialist, better known for Bentley & R.R. Service Repairs Google Them or,
Postby rdc2205 » Fri Mar 21, 2008 11:49 am
If you are looking for a reliable mechanic in the Edinburgh area I can highly recommend Ross Macleod who is based just outside Edinburgh, apart from servicing Jaguar cars he has.......
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Cheers Guys. Thanks very much for the thread relocation. I'm blaming the tramadol!!. :)
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