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Independent garage Gloucestershire

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Can anyone recommend an independent garage in Gloucestershire please who specialise in Jags.

My ecu light is on.

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Maybe not Jags, but mine is booked into 'Elberton Garage', Thornbury for its MOT. The reason for using them is I know they have a private love of classic cars.

I know of no others I'm afraid
i live in Gloucester its self

and actually take my 1999 XJ8 to H.A Fox in Cheltenham , the local Jaguar dealership

i get superb service , and if your car is over ten years old you get a ' loyally discount ' on parts and labour , when diagnosing my ECU fault , they spent fours hours on her, but only charged for one and a half hours........ i also buy all my XJS spares through the heritage scheme from them.

as i havnt found anywhere else that i trust

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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