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Inequality in the UK

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It had to come.

Here it is:

Nothing to do with abilities, learning limits, aptitude, skills, attitude.

Income? Intelligence?

Just skin colour.

Of course.

What else could it be except discrimination by white natives?

Now watch the white on white (blue on blue?).

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Do you know Jim , I don't think we even care anymore . I read various articles in the British Press about this Government
Report , from memory they all highlighted the plight of the Asian Woman who they reckoned were at the bottom of the pile
on every statistical measure and to be fair I can accept that as probably true . As long as Asian Women live in a Patriarchal
Parallel Culture to the British Culture with Sharia Law and all the rest of the nonsense then this will never change Jim .
I judge it to be a Cultural Problem that is holding back these Asian Women rather than a Racial one and they are all adherents
of Islam Jim , every single one of them .
Indians , Sri Lankans even some Muslims , are all prospering in Britain Jim and in my opinion assimilation and education is the
key , there just remains that hard core element that want none of our values or aspirations and want to live a life separate from
the rest of us . this is where the Diversity Brigade with their Multi Culture Rhetoric have failed .
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Great to see Austria look to be heading towards electing Europes Youngest Leader and a Populist Right Winger as well .
If this BREXIT is going to be a no deal BREXIT then I want to see Europe in Turmoil , they are the Enemy in my view
and the UK should be approaching them with that view in mind albeit in a Diplomatic way
And I agree with Red as well. The enemy is across the channel. Treat them as such because that is how they are viewing us. They want complete surrender. We haven't done that since 1066.
And I agree with Red as well. The enemy is across the channel. Treat them as such because that is how they are viewing us. They want complete surrender. We haven't done that since 1066.
I think William of Orange of the Netherlands/Holland who deposed James II might not agree with 1066 being the last successful invasion of England :mrgreen:
Yeh, the invasion is now and ongoing.

The inequality "report" (bless the unintelligent, unthinking idiots again) are not comparing eggs with eggs, e.g. identical people from each origin.

If they did that and it showed difference I would agree, but in my knowledge able, qualified people of any skin colour move up as far as they want to.

And so do women.

Any and every incapable, unqualified, unsuitable person including whites, pleads the "racist" card.

And fools support him or her by attacking the decider and process. And still condemn the freedom of the decider to decide.

What they don't talk about is the begging for a job at lower rates. That happens too, where a sympathetic manager is persuaded to employ a candidate even though the candidate might not be quite up to the hoped for level, they can save costs too which are now top priority. Those differences are seldom made up.

What if I'm the "manager" and I Simply Don't Like or Don't Want the candidate? It's my prerogative, since I know I won't get on with him/her and it will cause problems sooner or later. Should I resign?

All BS.

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Brexit will bankrupt this country I'm afraid. It's our own fault for letting countless Governments sign over too many rights for the sake of trade. We should have been stronger against the French and Germans. We won the War, they won the peace is a very true saying. We are too deep into it all for anything but a difficult exit. Boris and David Davies are living in a bubble if they think it's a good thing. Still, the great unwashed voted to Leave so Leave will must. As for Aljazeera, a bit rich them calling anyone about anything in my view. I ignore them.
Are you winding me up Cheshcat? :)

Ok.. let's have a laugh...

I've got confidence in our country and people bud, don't worry. Our immigrant entrepreneurs will be free to make any trade they want. ;)

Its all about overlords. Everything we've done so far had to be agreed by the EU first. Why?

You've seen now that it's Juncker's Europe not ours. All the threats came out recently.

Plus they laid on so many inappropriate laws and statutes on us and forced us to comply, now they've fined us for several non-compliances at least 2 years running, why you think you want that to continue?

We'll be Fine, I tell you. You'll get your Ozzie Anchor butter and Kiwi lamb back.

And you'll still get your dangerous Chinese electronix and dangerous kids' toys too.

And your BMW or Merc or Audi.

You might just need an automatic visa stamp on arrival for your holiday in EU countries like there used to be before. Just present your UK passport to the nice person behind the desk.

And if you're concerned about poor exchange rates for your holiday expenses... They saved the UK on countless occasions through the last 5-6 recessions. Work on getting fares dropped during skool holidays instead and that will make it all up. ;)
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How dare she demand the same pay as a bloke? ;) :)

She got it by changing TV channels:

Whats happened to our Devon Friend ? I see the BBC have began to right the wage inequality he reckoned didn't exist
between men and women :-D A nice pay increase for Sarah Montague and Michelle Hussain I notice
Hello Cheshirecat,

what a pessimist, apart from being downright insulting to leavers like myself. I have not liked the principle of the E.U. for longer than I remember, and like it even less the longer it goes on.
While there will undoubtably be lean years, especially as our government is making a difficult job almost impossible due to a complete lack of understanding of the rules of the E.U.. Once free of the E.U. dictators we can negotiate with the world bodies who determine all the non tariff regulations rather than have the E.U. try and do it for 28 countries, how well do you think that works? Hopefully we will not have 'energy efficiency' legislation that makes little sense imposed on us. Nonsense like limiting vacuum cleaner power ratings and this electric vehicle mania.
Unfortunately we seem to have too many E.U. centric politicians at the moment but given time we can weed them out and in due course and start doing things for the good of the U.K. and not follow the herd to oblivion.

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I think William of Orange of the Netherlands/Holland who deposed James II might not agree with 1066 being the last successful invasion of England :mrgreen:
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