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is the new forum crap

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is the new setup crap or is it just me ,i've just tried posting some pics ,guess what you can only post a few 4 in fact ,bring back to old forum
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Change does take getting used to, there a few forum members now, who aren't pleased with the new style forum. I was a bit miffed about all the shortcut links that I had built up that were useful for me, now not working. Still no nice jag forum image at top of forum to at least make the forum different from the all other forums on the net, smilies not working properly, people having problems logging in, pics not showing properly, signatures not working with pics, only showing links, only mods have that feature. No update as to how the new forum is progressing with regards to getting these problems sorted.

I liked the old forum, I know why the change was, but to loose all the old links and no fix was a bit of a kick in the teeth for me, even Google search proves pointless too.

Try multiple posts for your pictures, so have so many in each post, give that a try.
what was wrong with the old one ,god knows what will happern at the weekend when i've been the jaguar meet and have 50 pics or more to post:mad::mad::mad::mad:
I must say i prefer the old style forum was much easier to navigate...and a lot easier on the eye...and how do you use the smillies
Well I don't visit or post as much any more - enough said!
The smilies have to be set up in your profile, I followed the steps someone posted on here and they work form me, but there is a limited choice of smilie.

I understand your frustrations. I tried to post some pictures from my computer and it would not let me, it does seem to be a very limited forum now IMO. :(
I agree the new forum is not as user friendly and also seems to operate slower on my computer.
Sadly I have to agree the forum has lost a lot of it's personality, and does not appear as user friendly as the old one, hopefully it will evolve, question is how long will it take

The ads are also very intrusive
i too dislike this new format,its not growing on me
yeah not as good or easy to find stuff like the old one.

posting volume down
Being a Newbie I find the lack of usable links to info the most frustrating thing of all, just seems to send you around in a big circle back to the main forum!!?
Thats because the links are broke at the moment :)
I agree, I used to visit regularly but now I can't submit pictures as attachments in any of my posts, default size too small. None of the links from previous posts are working so what's the point in doing searches any more as none of the links work. The whole site has been made redundant. I've read where this is all going to be fixed, but that was over a month ago! To re-iterate an earlier posters sentiments, "if it ain't broken, don't fix it!"
I was really just a lurker on the old board as i didn't have a Jag at that time but it obviously worked well. Now i have one this new forum is very frustrating due to the link / search facilities not working. I know there's nothing worse than a newbie asking the same old questions so i like to search for answers myself but it just doesn't work here at the moment, not good. Hopefully things will get straightened out.
Hi Guys,

If you need to search, try using Google. If you type in site:<url> you can specify which site to search. For example:


Displays this topic right at the top. Just remove the "is the new forum crap" and type in what you want to search.

I think the new forum is ok, but I'm more familiar with this forum software than with the old one.
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