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Is there an electrical/electronic wizzard in the UK ? I should think YES !

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Jaguar XJ6 VDP 1995 90 K Miles one owner, always garaged

I have aquired thise suoerb automobile less than 3 weeks ago.

There was (and still not working) no:

- Interior lights (nowhere)
- Courtesy lights in the sun visors
- No trunk lights
- No cigar lighters (front and rear)
- No dash clock
- No electronically dimming inside mirror
- No right side side horn (if related)
- And probably other "things" I haven't discovered yet

Remote door opener, radio, dash lights, antenna, tilt and adustable wheel, external mirrors, electrical windows, head mlights, signal lights, stop lights, for way lights, are all working.

I have checked every single fuse, they are all good.

I know (according to an invoice which came with the car) that the diver's door lock and cable have been replaced and that the electric/electronic key operated driver's door lock does not work like the right door. Very hard turn key operation (mechanical only).

Is there anyone that can help me trace the problem. It should be a "central" problem but I am totally lost and only have two left hands full of thumbs when it comes to any of these electrical/electronic problems.

I would really thank the one(s) who could help me. My wife is just about ready to ask me to get rid of this "thing" with no interior or coutsey lights ! ! !

Thanks a million in advance


Durham NC USA
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Hmmm. With all the interior lights not working it sounds like a common fault like an earth problem or a cotrol module problem. Maybe some one on here will have the wiring diagrams that might be able to point you in the right direction. :confused:
Puddle lamp relay


I have tried another "Body Control Moduele" but tjis was not the answet.

I do have a wiring diagram which shows a "Puddle Lamp Relay" but nowhere can I find where it is located

Thanks again for every one input

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I'd agree there is likely a common cause to at least some of your electrical problems but probably not all. Here are some pointers to what I would check first before diving in to a full E2E check of some circuits

- All interior lights run from a single fuse. Fuse 9 in RH Heelboard. I know you said you checked them all but was that visually or with a meter? It is sometimes difficult to spot a blown fuse visually so should always be tested for continuity with a meter. Also, did you check for power at the fuse socket with a voltmeter?

- Are the map reading lights at the front working? I don't think these are controlled by the Body Processor so that could exclude that from the equation

- Please check the wiring loom on the RH boot hinge - check each cable in the loom thoroughly. This area of wiring is prone to failure (broken wires) and can cause strange problems.

- the output from fuse 9 above goes to a splice to split to all the interior lights. I don't know where that is but it is likely fairly near the fusebox.

- the puddle lamp relay is in RH Heelboard fusebox on the far right. Blue Relay Yellow socket. I don't think this is part of your problem but would also be a good test point - as Pin 86 on the relay (they are numbered on the relay body) should be getting a 12V supply from the same fuse as the interior lights. Test it and confirm. As this is right beside your fuse box it should narrow down the problem.

Hope this helps as a starter.
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No lights inside of any kind are working

I did not try the fuses with a volt meter I shall do that and I will check the harness as well

Thanks for the starting point

Hi There,

Fuses are ALL OK
Other weird things have occured like (w=ithout kignition key on) steering wheel, driver's seat and driver's outer rear vieaw mirrors moving to "some kind" of memory setting, doing this after door opening. But this hade never hapened before.

Does someone knows where the" memory" of thses thing is. is there some kind of chip somewhere memorizing all the settings ?

Thanks again

1995 XJ6 VDP
1991 Audi 100
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I think that happens if you've got the steering column adjustment switch set to "auto" - that's the entry/exit mode setting.
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