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Is this a fair price to replace a turbo? " 2.0D (2005)

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Morning All
I have been given a price by my Jaguar technician (on a private basis) to replace my faulty turbo with a reconditioned unit (with the electronic actuator). I was expecting that it would be a simple "rip out & replace" job - just as it is with the EGR - but my chap is quoting me 5 hours of labour to do the job. Has anyone on the forum had the pleasure of replaing a turbo where they know how much of their bill was for the labour element or how many hours this should take.

I will be providing the turbo so he will just take the car and swap out the units and bring her back to me purring once again (i hope).

His fee is £40 per hour so 5 hours will release me of £200 cash - as well as the price of a reconditioned turbo.......Am I being taken for an expensive ride or can this be replaced at a much lower labour cost?
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I haven't a clue what is involved in changing a turbo. But I would think anyone competent to do the job with a guarantee is worth every penny of £40 /hr. One of my local dealers could probably do it a little quicker...but he charges £80/hr. It could be as easy as changing front discs, just a jigsaw in reverse, just undo this and tighten it back up, but then, perhaps not. So pay the man
Well i changed a turbo on Ford car about 7 years ago and that took me about 5 hours to complete and Ford engines and engine bays aren't as completed and packed full as the jaguars are. It's not just a case of unbolting this and that and moving this that way and that, that way. As all us 2.5 & 3.0 petrol owners know when it comes to replace the spark plugs it's not as simple as it sounds and we get charged £200+ labour for the privilege.

So £200 to replace a Jaguar's turbo is a steal really, bite his hand off before he changes his mind, just take a look at your engine bay and see if you can work out just by looking at the turbo how it unbolts and gets removed and replaced? If you can see all the bolts, pipes and everything else that needs removing just by eye and can work it all out in your head etc then yes it's expensive, but i doubt it.

Thanks for the input. Got my sums wrong, it was £50 per hour so £250 to swap out the old turbo on a 5 hour basis. Based on Fitzy's experience, this isnt as easy as it may sound so might be best leaving it to the "expert".

I just know that Jaguar have an hourly allowance for all jobs and this particular one allows for a 5 hour stint. However in truth, we all know that this 5 hours will be exaggerated for their benefit rather than the customer. I just dont like the idea of paying for 5 hours labour if the reality is it's a 3 hour turn-around.
50 per hour on a private basis ie, what id call a foreigner, is expensive.
As a foreigner, there is no guarantee?
5 hours is about fair. I reckon id do it in that time.
I had many years as a ford techie and was always railing against book times. Often used to say whoever came up with those times had never actually worked on a car and should be rewarded by said book being rolled up and shoved up there arse!
What I'm trying to say is book times are generally very tight and actually quite difficult to achieve in the real world of a vehicle that been in service for any length of time.

Can anyone tell me what would be a fair price for a new turbo (not a reconditioned one) for a 2005 X-Type 2.0 Diesel?
I've never bought a new one but good recons from a reputable place are around the £300 mark.
Many thanks, I have looked at recons but have been advised to get a new if possible. Cheers
What is wrong with it ? I just replaced the turbo core as mine had a broken vane.
The actuator is a 10 min job. Replacing the whole turbo as per book would be a right PITA

Core replacement
NB Note the recommendation for assembly/disassembly order at the end of the thread... and don't remove the bl**dy vane assembly!
Many thanks, I have looked at recons but have been advised to get a new if possible. Cheers
Nothing wrong with a recon if done properly, in fact just as good as buying new at probably a third of the price.
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