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Don't worry, it's not a medical issue and there are no pictures... :mrgreen:

I've had nothing but trouble with my S-Type and I was wondering if they are usually this bad?

I bought it knowing it had a couple of issues; namely ABS sensor on the back and a misfire/running issue. I MoT'd it and found that it also needed rear tie bars and drop links.

I've replaced the little vacuum hose under the inlet manifold which is not too bad a job in itself but it's everything else that went with it.

I had a total of six, yes, six bolts snap when I tried to take them out. Five I had to drill out, and one on the head that I had to get a mobile welder out to weld a bolt to it so that I could get it out.

When putting it back together, the tee piece on the bleed hose exploded under the slightest pressure so I had to replace that. Then the fitting on the top hose that the bleed hose goes into snapped off, so I had to replace that whole hose too.

I also replaced all the spark plugs and checked the coil packs while they were accessible.

When I restarted the car, it seemed to run fine at!

But on returning from the MoT it is misfiring again...and no MoT because the rear door won't open!

Apologies for the rant, but I've never had a car that was so difficult...and I've generally had Italian cars, so I know awkward!

Any words of advice/sympathy gratefully received :-D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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