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Hi Everyone

I was wondering if any one could give me advise on Isofix. My wife is expecting our first child and it has now got to the point where we need to get out buying all the necessaries. Problem I am facing is Isofix car seats. I am lead to believe they are the best and easiest systems around. Unfortunately my Jag 2 ltr 2003 model does not have isofix anchor points on the rear bulk heads.
Reading a bit on this forum but old old posts suggest that this is a extra part that can be obtained by Jag dealers but at a cost and availability is a bit thin on the ground.

I wanted to know if there are any "standard" kits out there that are perhaps universal to fit more than one specific car. Or perhaps that a Ford kit my fit the X type.
My wife drives a new shape Vauxhall Corsa and it has isofix brackets. I would like to be able to get a car seat that would fit both her car and mine using the same base, just not sure if this is possible. Some sales woman in a shop told me that not all isofix seats fit all cars with isofix but I thought that sounded very suspect seeing as isofix stands for International organisation for standardisation!
If anyone has any pointers or experience in this I would appreciate your help and advise.

Thanks in advance.
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Looked into this myself, unfortunately there are no Ford or generic kits that will work, you have the choice of Jag or Jag.

I recently got very lucky & picked up a brand new Isofix kit on ebay, the bloke had ordered it from Jag, paid for it, and by the time it turned up he'd sold the car...anyhow, it says to me that they are available again. You should ask at a dealer.

The kit I got is C2S42583, which comprises of;
1x C2S16041 Bolt
1x C2S23374 Bracket
2x C2S31685 Plastic insert which you will break while removing the seat base
1x C2S31687 Bracket
4x C2S33914 Bolts
2x C2S38357 Top mounts for parcel shelf in Warm Charcoal.

The kit will fit X-Type sedans only, with or without the split-fold rear seat (hence the extra bolts).
Most Isofix seats do not utilise the top mounts, i haven't installed them in my car.
Just the lower brackets are all you need, took me a half hour to do.

Here is the instruction sheet ISOFIX

I suggest you get onto all the breakers and ask them if the have wrecked a sedan with the lower brackets.,,,, who else?
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Just use std child seats with a towel under to protect the seat leather....used them no problems for both my kids (one now 16 the other 4).
I have never used the isofix in my XJ and was tempted by the kit for my X Type
I think if you use ISOFIX it may mark the leather with the securing points being behind the seats
The std ones bought from a good retailer will meet neccesary standards are be more than up to the job

Once they start facing forwards its very easy to secure in seconds, bit more to fastening when they are facing backwards though
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As above. We've just had our first (19 days old). We got the mamas and papas surefix bases as my estate doesn't have isofix. They're available for about a tenner on eBay usually and it's really simple to use. You leave the base in the car fastened with the seatbelt and the M&Ps seat just pushes on. Loop the belt round it and you're done. The seats are really cheap as well. We got one from a friend but bought another immaculate one from eBay for £15 for my wife's car.
Also, you can get a decent seat protector from most big supermarkets for about a tenner. It goes under the base and up the back and there's a drop down section for storage if you need it. Ill dig out a like if you need it
confirm instal isofix bar is more expensive than buying the separate base on ebay and save your work under the rear seat.

The genuine Jaguar Isofix kit cost me, wait for it...£30 on ebay.
Thanks everyone for all your pointers. First off congratulations to you Danny on your first child! also the tip on the seat protector thingy I would not have thought of that!
cambo, big thanks to you also! 30 quid seems a good price to me I dread to think what jag might want.
Buck mr2 , nice pic! Your always on hand to help as always I have learnt many a thing or two from reading your posts in the past :)

So to update you all I am now considering a base that is isofix but also for seatbelt use. Maxi cosi do an easyfix base that looks like I can use in seatbelt mode for the Jag and isofix for my wifes Corsa. I am able to get hold of this base from a friend for nothing as he has finished with it! Thing was we also wanted a car seat that will fit straight into the pram we have bought and the maxi cosi seat will fit straight on the pram frame.
I still might try and get hold of the isofix bottom brackets for the Jag just because isofix looks so simple to remove and install without messing about with the seat belts.

I do really appreciate all your help guys baby stuff is a minefield for me especially being a first time parent too much choice and so expensive,
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Hi All,

I am new to the thread and am looking for the same ISOFIX anchorage for a 2002 x-type. Looks like Jaguar discontinued the kit with part number C2S42583. However, I can find all the pieces individually except for the bracket with part number C2S16041. I am not so sure if the part number is correct, so does anybody know or have an idea if the part number is correct and where I might be able to find it?

I appreciate your help.


Sorry to bring this whole ISOFIX thing up again....and I realise this thread is rather old....

I'm in exactly the same boat as Jose. Using the part numbers from Cambo351's post, I have all the individual parts except for the bracket listed above with part number C2S16041. I am being told that it is an invalid part number apparently. Shame really as I would have been happy with one bracket if it was the one that fits to the left hand side of the car, so that I can see the princess from the drivers seat. Sadly, the missing bracket is the one I need!!!

Cambo351, is there any chance you could check the number again from your kit in case there was a typo in your post?
Hi Paddy X.

After some research, calling suppliers and going to the dealer several times I found out that the part number for the bracket is actually 1x C2S31687 which was listed as a bolt before. However, that bracket is still not available.

One of the dealers told me that there is one ISOFIX kit available in a dealership in Ciprus. I called the dealer over there and I had to get back to them since they were going to find out if they could ship it to the UK, but I just decided I will only install the one bracket I have since I already have all the parts and don't want to spend more money on this.

So if you like call the dealer in Cyprus, the contact information is:

Cyprus Premium Automobiles Ltd 160Fraglinou Rousvelt, TT3504, Larnaca, 3045 Phone00357 22586200Fax35722349952Email[email protected] MAIN DEALER, AUTHORISED SERVICE CENTRE

Hi Guys,

I found the label from the box my Isofix kit came in, the list in my previous post is as per the label, but I mixed up the bolt and the bracket;

But as it seems the bracket is still not available...sorry for any confusion!
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Jose thank you very much. I really appreciate that! I will get on them in the morning. If the price of the kit is still what is was, then I may well go ahead with that as long as it's not too expensive to ship it to Ireland. Otherwise I am in a similar boat to yourself! I have almost everything that is in the kit but it cost me £80 so far to get 7/8th of a £35 kit!!

Cambo, thanks for the clarification. I don't think it caused any problems anyway as I provided the list of part numbers to the dealer. It seems the bolt part number then is the one that might be incorrect and the bracket simply out of stock.....
I purchased the kit from a Jag dealer early on in 2012 and it cost me £39.99. This consisted of two isofix brackets and four bolts.
With the car seat we purchased two plastic items were provided that clip over the isofix brackets to make installing the seat easier. These do mark the seat as it opens up the lower and upper part of the seat to make installing the car seat easier. We has since removed these plastic things and been using without.
Hello to all, I just bought a X-Type Saloon and were lucky enough (really!? as it was very expensive ) to get an isofix anchorage set.

With regards to this instruction sheet I wonder what parts D and E are meant for. Are those for security reasons or what are the reasons for putting those things to the rear? I thought putting A&B to the car and fix them with the bolts (C) should be sufficient. As I am not sure, I hope for hints from ISOFIX veterans, that might help. Any help is appreciated.
D are top anchor points. There's six covers in the kit - three sets of two in three different colours to match your trim. My kit had five (I'm missing one grey one), so if you're not using a dark grey / charcoal one, I'd love to have it (for a small fee, naturally :D )

E is the two clips that hold the rear seat base down. The reason the kit includes them is because it's almost impossible to lift the rear seat base (and you need to lift it to fix the kit) without breaking the ones that are currently there.
Dear ElectronShepherd, okay, thanks for your remarks on E. So I believe that i need to lift it up strong - I was a bit frightened to do so - the two original clips will break and I put the new clips on.

By the way another question: There seems to be two instructions in one. How do I know, which one I have to follow? Is the first instruction the one for split seat and the second one the one for fixed seat?

As for D I still dont know why I need them or why I should use them. Will they break, too, during the process such as the original E clips?

You can have the pcs that are left after I am finished ;)
To control forward rotation a 'universal' Isofix child restraint has to have a third, rigid point of attachment. This may be either a rigid leg between the front of the child restraint and the floor of the car or a 'top-tether' strap connecting the top of the restraint to a dedicated fixing point on the parcel shelf, boot floor or seat back.

The ISOFix system has two clips at the base and a top tether. D is where you would fix the top tether from the seat. If your child seat has the bottom leg, you may not need it.

If you have a folding seat, you need to follow steps 1a -> 24a and if you have a fixed seat, you need to follow 1b -> 17b.

Thank you very much, I'd love your spare bits when you've fitted yours.
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