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Jag x Type Fuel consumption

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Hi could anyone tell me what i can do to get my mpg back up from 19mpg
its just suddenly dropped and i havent been driving it any different
Jag X Type 2.0L V6 Auto SE
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Check your tyre pressures, are any calipers seized? is it running ok? does it need a service? reset the computer?
I get 30 in my 3.0, 2003 SE. As Sean says it is a combination of things; I will add air filter, dirty injectors, high mileage plugs, HT, fuel filter, dirty throttle in my experience have real impact. You could drive with mirrors folded at a steady 55mph ;-). if not overwhelmed with cash, work through cheapest items first. (Cleaning injectors and throttle, along with an air filter).
In all fairness round town driving on our x is around 23-24 mpg. On a decent run around 33-35mpg.
I'm getting a steady 18.5 mpg from being restricted to short local trips (supermarket, etc). They benefit from a motorway run to clean them out.
Less than 20 around town and about 30 on a steady run. 25-ish on the back roads using sport mode and the left side of the J gate.
I like this topic.

Some have reported 65mpg from their diesels which is a whopping 928 miles per tank full.

I get low 40s. That gives me 500 miles to a tank full.

It never goes up or down. 500 miles every tank full. Very dependable.
Averaging 51mpg after about 1800 miles in 3 weeks with 80% on the M6 and M54, although quite a bit of motorway time is spent in heavy traffic jams, accident delays etc!! Just put some Hydra injector fuel blast in last night and for this morning's 90 mile run I got 47.5mpg but that did include a couple of hard accelerations from 60mph to just short of a ban ������ which knocked the mpg back from averaging about 51. Will report in a week or so when I've emptied my tank and see if the Hydra has made any difference to fuel economy and smoke. Car now has 103k which ain't too bad for an '08 2.2 diesel
Update. I should have added that I only just picked up the car and have driven 400 miles on the motorway (stop start or 75mph - seriously) and around town for a week since. Showing now 29mpg around town which is pleasing (my calc matches meter, roughly). I know it's no service for over a year (and 7500 miles) so, yesterday injector cleaner (£5), tomorrow air filter (£13) and so on. Oil and filter I will leave to professionals next week since I had a recent drip tray disaster (who drives over a full tray, doh!). Disappointed the transmission oils are hard to do accurately - a piece of cake on most cars. Car drives like new and is approaching 80k. Might do the plugs soon, but even they are a tad fiddly, and no point unless do coil same time? What a great car. Only just realised the mirrors fold in electrically. Like Christmas here. Faults: loose air vent plastic at dash (known issue?) and slightly squeaky steering wheel - probably noticeable only because the car is SO quiet.
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Around 20mpg. Mostly shortish runs around town.
Same for me (20 MPG) and its optimally tuned -- US model spec states 16 MPG.
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