Jaguar 2.7 V6 Diesel S Type XF XJ Job lot of parts

reduced to £60 posted for forum members. I do have a ebay link for pics. Jaguar 2.7 V6 Diesel S Type XF XJ Job lot of parts | eBay

X 1 Moog JA-DS-8882 C2C13835 TieRod/rear track arm for Jaguar S Type XK XJ XF


XJ2003 - 2009 (FROM G00442 TO H32732) CLASSIC
XK2006 - 2014 (FROM B00379)
XF2009 - 2015
XJ2010 - 2019
F-TYPE 2014 >

2) Jaguar Landrover 2.7 Diesel Injector Leak Off Pipe clips NEW X4.

New unused, from Jaguar Dealer. 4 clips.

3) LASER Oil filter removal tool forJaguar XF XJ X350 S-Type 2.7 V6 Diesel.

Will also fit Landrover Discovery/Range Rover Sport 2.7's and any Citroen/Peugeot with the same engine.

This tool is used to remove the paper element out of the spin off canister with ease. Used but as new

4) New Jaguar S Type XFXJ Rear Brake Pads - Pagid

Jaguar: C2C27271 / C2P17595 / C2P26112
Pagid: 8DB 355 011-731 / 101590348 / T1489
Opened box but new pads with anti squeal shims fitted.
This will also fit various other cars likefords/volvos with the same ATE callipers.

5) JaguarC2C8366 Rear Brake Calliper Bleed Nipple X2 New Genuine S type XF XJ. With ATEcallipers. Comes pre fitted with new dust covers

6) Genuine New OEM Part C2C23804 - Jaguar Water Inletpipe S-type XJ XF Discovery 3.

Common failure point on older cars, this inlet fits on the right hand side of the engine facing the front and is below the power steering pump. Part shown in pic and comes with new o ring pre fitted. Unopened in packet.

Please ensure all of these parts will fit your car.