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Jaguar dealer in border country?

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I'm going on a holiday in a few weeks to the border country travelling in south of Scotland and north of England.

And as I'm thinking of buying a used XK/XKR, do you have any recommendations of a well stocked dealer who sells nice Jags.

Regards / Tomas in Sweden
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When I happened to be in the Sunderland area recently, I called in at Reg Vardy Jaguar and was impressed. A knowledgeable salesman was very happy to pass the time of day discussing Jaguars that he had for sale, knowing that I was not going to buy one (Too happy with the XK8!). When looking for their website, I came across this site that might be of more general use to you:

Jaguar Dealers In The Sunderland Area On Excite UK Excite

PS Didn't see many (any!) LHD models!
Reg Vardy haven't had a Jag dealership in Sunderland (Houghton-Le-Spring actually) since Stratstones took over it 3 or 4 years ago. Another dealership nearer the port is Stratstones Newcastle and 35 miles south is Stratstones Teeside.If by borders you mean the western borders then Lloyds Carlisle are better to deal with than Stratstones in my opinion.
Thanks for the correction Buck. As an exiled Geordie, I remember Vardy Dealerships well and to be honest, didn't even take in the name change when I called by while going down Memory Lane a few weeks ago.
I grew up in Newcastle and did my engineering sandwich course (showing my age!) at what was Sunderland Technical College and the shipyards of Tyneside.
Our estimator is from Southampton.Re Sunderland used to be a plastic injection moulder there (made parts for Nissan/ Ford etc) which has nothing to do with a Retail Management course I did at Monkwearmouth college Sunderland or CNC turning I did for years before going onto the car body repair industry 9 yrs ago.. If only we knew where/ what we would end up doing.
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