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Jaguar Mats - dubious colour matching

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When I bought my car, the driver's mat was worn through.

The carpet was undamaged underneath, so I just got some cheap mats from Ebay to tide me over while my finances recovered :-o (fit was perfect, but beige rather than "mocha").

It's my birthday next week, so as well as new wipers, thermostat, various bits of trim, filters and random other parts, I asked for some genuine Jaguar mats (exciting stuff!!!).

I bought the mats from the local Jag dealer (C2C30022AMB), but now I've got them, I noticed the colour is wrong. It's a few shades lighter than the original mats and the carpet.

The dealer has been very helpful, but say the colours do vary. They're willing to take them back, but it seems bizarre to me that Jaguar are unable to supply mats that actually match the carpet.

Has anyone bought any Mocha mats recently? Does the colour match the carpet, or are they different shades?
Does anyone have any brown mats they'd like to sell?

I've got a picture, but can't attach it from my pesky tablet.

I'm gradually plowing through the minor defects. Spent last weekend sorting stuff out under the bonnet and underneath, although not found the elusive rattle.

Apart from that, the car's boss - I love it :)


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From experience with a previous car with light coloured carpets (not a Jaguar though) it's quite likely that although not obviously dirty, your original carpets have accumulated quite a bit of dust and general grime over the years which make them look darker. The new mats are probably what the carpets looked like when the car was new. Some part of the car, particularly near the vents in the rear parcel shelf, gather more than others but it's worth trying a carpet cleaner on a small patch to see what comes out.
Yes...I do... and I'll send you a PM>>>>
That's a fair point, I'm sure the carpets could probably do with a clean.

The colour does seem pretty uniform though - there are no darker "traffic" areas and it's the same colour under the mats.

The mocha carpet colour is a fairly dark brown - s**t brown is how some would describe it :)

I'm starting to wish I'd held out for the black interior I'd originally planned to get!
I've just around to sorting out a photobucket account.

Here are the pictures of the interior (with beige mats) and the new/original mocha versions.

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Oh - yes they don't look right at all.

Are you sure your colour is mocha and not actually sable? (the part number would end AEK instead of AMB)
Oh - yes they don't look right at all.

Are you sure your colour is mocha and not actually sable? (the part number would end AEK instead of AMB)
That was my first thought, but the part number definitely ends in AMB (on the plastic bag anyway). The parts dude said they've had this sort of problem before, but was insistent they were correct.

I found some new Sable mats for sale on Ebay and although the edge trim is the same colour as mine, the actual carpet does look lighter (like biscuit).

I also found out Jaguar have discontinued the Sable mats (AEK), and offer the Mocha as a replacement. I wonder if the Mocha mats have been lightened to "sort of" match both mocha and sable carpets?

A right PITA either way!
I now have some mats that match my interior, so a happy bunny at last (Thanks Litho!).

Interestingly, they are badged with the Sable (AEK) part number, but look very different to the Sable ones listed above.
:p Glad some unwanted bits found use.
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