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jaguar x type 2.0d xs euro 4, sudden cut off HELP!!

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i have here a jaguar x type 2.0d i dont kno if this is a common problem,
when i am driving at low speed the engine will just cut off and not turn back on until cooled down, when you try starting it it sound like its trying to start but there no fuel inside when there nearly half a tank, had been towed into a garage, jag has tried with their jag diagnostic software but no faults come up,
when the car cuts off the glow plug light keeps flashing,
the garages have tried all sorts including replacing the fuel peresure regulator, crankshaft sensor but still the same problem.

when on the motorway or after 2/3 engine cut offs the car seems to run perfectly
its just after cold start i will be driving and suddenly engine cuts of with the glow plug light flashing and would not start till it cools down a bit,
any help will be appriciated as i rely don't know what to do and don't want to garages to just guess and replace parts,
has anyone come across this ???

thanks in advance
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I have the EXACT same problem - 53 plate 2.0D

Cold start, 1-2 miles in and gone with out warning, has happened 3 times in the last 2 day. When the cut out happens, its seems to be either when re-ingaging a gear 4 or 5, or when easing off the pedal in 4th or 5th gear ( 50-70 mph).
Have TRY and stop on the side ( stearing becomes super stiff ). Cant start straight away, if I do then lack of fuel like sounds or low battery ( but all checked and in good working order.) 5 mins later its happy, then i've been good for the next 10 miles to work.

yesterday, changed oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter as they were about due. No change. Still cuts after 2-3 miles with out warnong. Glow plug flashes when it happens, no other lights are flashing.

Any direction or help would be most welcome.

My next port of call is the sensor on the common rail injectors. But ive also heard the the turbo actuator can be sticking and is a very very common known problem in these tdci engines. :(

thanks in advance
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Have a look at my reply (and the following one) in this thread:
hi chugginton,

have u had any luck yet on finding the problem ???
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