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jaguar x-type running warm problem

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hi my x-type 3.0 temp gauge is showing between half an 3quarters which is more than the normal running temp it does not use much water if any at the min and is hot under the bonnet and it cuts the engine rev's at 3000 or so but only when warm its great until it reaches this temp any1 have any similar problems or what it could possibly be. thanks lee
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Has it got too much oil in? That will cause a temp rise. Is the front of the rad clean, unblocked? Any leak from water pump? Could be an air lock in the cooling system.
If it cuts the engine RPM to a max of 3000, then it would suggest that a fault code has been generated. After two cycles from cold this should show as a MIL on the dash. If the engine is not actually overheating - are the fans cutting in? - it is possibly related to the temperature sensor itself. It could be faulty or the wiring might be damaged and shorting to earth. If you have a meter, the nominal resitance of the sensor should vary from about 2.5 - 3.0 K ohms at ambient temperature to 0.3 - 0.25 K ohms at 80-90 degrees C and 0.5 K ohms at 100-110 degrees.
thanks for reply guys the oil is fine halfway between min and max the fan works ok and there are no leaks anywhere just seems that the water is not going through somehow as it doesn't seem to go down but the pressure is there when you squeeze the hose's.
Take the filler cap off the expansion tank, set the temp on the dial to max heat, start up and let it run for a few minutes, this should clear any air lock if there is one.When up to temp, feel the rad at the top and bottom,if only one half is hot it point's more to the thermostat.
well ive been and checked it again to be sure and this time the fan did not work i left it running till it was warmed up then waited but fan did not kick in so i tried revving it up slowly and this time it did not cut power and let me go upto 5ooo no problem it kept doing this so not sure now.
For the price of a new stat its worth putting a new one in anyway then make sure no air in the system as said above 90% sure that will sort it as i don't think its been warm enough for the fan to be needed unless that is you don't live in England as there is no location in your info
im in england yes not had chance to put location yet. so do i just turn heating on full and let blow for a while see what happens? just to mention i was driving down the motorway at 70 then picked up to 80 and the engine cut power had to slow into hard shoulder then it came back again would stat cause it to do that.

regards lee
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