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I can't really find much info online for this, so i thought i'd post up a few pictures for those that need to remove their door cards. This particular job was to replace the door mirror which had a faulty motor, so i didn't have to remove the inner panel. However, i do have to do the rear drivers side door lock, so i'll post some more up when i do that.
I took the pictures as i was reassembling the door, so thats why you'll see the mirror already fitted.

Hope this helps someone out there.

Heres your door as it sits...

First thing is to remove the wood panel. Lift up at the front (speaker end), approx 10mm, and slide it out towards the front of the door. Don't worry its an aluminum panel so you won't damage it.

Next thing is to remove the window switches. Underneath the switches, from inside the door pocket, there is a small plastic plate, pull it down and back. In the picture you can see two little cut outs, These are the pinch clip.

Once that is removed, there is a screw to take out, which will release the window switches. Its at the back of the switch pack in a recess. I don't have a picture, as someone had been in here before and the screw was missing. The picture shows a little silver torx screw. No need to remove that. The recess for the main screw is just behind the raised plastic bit which you can see.

The switch pack can then be slid back and unplugged.

With all the bits out of the way, you can now remove all the screws which hold the door trim on.

There is one torx screw behind the chrome handle.

There is a 10mm bolt in the top right of the door panel.

Inside the door pocket are two torx screws. One underneathe where the switch panel was, and one on the other side. Its worth mentioning here, that these are a bit awkward to put back in, as they fit in at an angle, but don't be tempted to leave them out on reassembly, as they are the main weight bearing screws for when you pull the door shut.



With that lot removed, you're ready to remove the whole trim. Its all held on with plastic push clips. To remove, use a trim tool for this, or if you don't have that, a pallet knife or something wide and blunt. Don't be tempted to use a screwdriver, as you will easily damage the paint and trim...
Start at the bottom and gently lever away the door trim. Work up around the sides. The clips will make a bit of popping and cracking noise, but i've done a few door cards and only broken one so far!

Once the bottom and sides are free, you'll need to get the top edge free. Most door cards lift up from the window aperture, but the Jag trim pulls away from some metal spring clips. nothing for it, just give it a yank...
Once the panel is free, there is one electrical connection, and one lock cable to detach. The cable simply unplugs, and the door cable pops out and then a slight twist to enable you to remove it from the handle.

This picture shows you the door card removed, and also illustrates the clips that you have to pull away at the top. Note the recess's that the clips fit into along the top..

On the door there is a plastic edge trim which needs to be lifted away to gain access to the three mirror bolts. This is easy, and is quite obvious once you're at this point. Then there are three torx screws to undo, and the an electrical connector, then the mirror can be lifted away. The mirror itself lifts out from the bottom, as there is a lip along the leading edge which fits in the window trim.

Installation is the reversal of removal!
When you are putting the trim back on, take time to ensure all the clips are lined up before knocking it into place.
If you are a bit ham fisted and break a couple, then you could do with getting some of these clips ahead of time...

I hope this helps someone. I'll do a more in depth one, when i do the door lock. However, there is an XF door lock video on youtube, and the process is almost exactly the same. :)

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If you look in the Stickies section at the top of this, you will see there is already a door lock one (and a door card one) ;)

Might be worthwhile to use these, and add to them any tips or extra photos you think they need to be clarified :)

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Didn't notice that.. Glad i spent all that time doing it :-?
Hi Octane Junkie, thanks so much for the write up, obviously spent a lot of time and effort there

I'm sure it will help others

As the boy has said we have one in the stickies section, but I'm going to ask Ian to get this added too as its a very good addition
Much appreciated

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