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Jaguar XF problems

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Hi I'm new to this site I've been having major problems with my 2012 Jaguar XF has been back to Jaguar total of 11 times I have had the engine replaced fuel pump replace fuel pu gearbox replace filler neck replace I believe even the fuel injectors have been replaced but yet the car keep having the same issues I've been told that it has been having this few problem before I even purchased it from the service advisor I've been without a car for months back and forth to the dealership I have even call Jaguar 1 800 number they seem to have done nothing to help whatsoever I am out of ideas on what to do
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Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome to the forum, what exactly is this recurring problem.

Hi, I understood that the US consumer laws were stricter than the UK, can't you use the law to solve this, I'm sure you might be able to reject the car, I would check up on where you stand legally. Phil
The basic answer is that it's not the car, it's the dealer. What you've basically told us is that lots of perfectly good components, including the engine, have been unnecessarily replaced. The problem is probably very simple but the dealer can't find it, and sadly that's not unusual. For any marque.

Your car is a 2012, so well outside the usual 1-3 year fare dealers commonly see. Whilst I've no idea what your problem is, and sadly, as you're in the US and no doubt you have one of the big gas guzzling versions we in the UK rarely buy, our experience is possibly going to be limited, but you need to find a mechanic that actually knows what he's doing. (One over 50 years old ideally).

As an example. A few years back, I had a 3 year old Mercedes E Class. It suddenly developed a judder at tickover. 5 visits to the dealer later, with the usual software updates etc I was told it was perfectly normal and they all do it. They couldn't explain why it hadn't done it for the first 2 1/2 years but that didn't matter. In desperation I took it to an independent specialist who agreed to dig deeper. He called me 3 days later to tell me he'd done all the usual computer and sensor stuff with no success, and finally, gone back to basics and found the fault was actually a plug lead. They replaced the set and it was sweet again.

Another example, my Landrover fuel gauge would randomly drop to 0 on a full tank. 6 dealer visits and 6 "software updates" later, it still did it. In the end I got annoyed (I know something about how cars work) and told them to get a spanner out and replace the tank sender. Reluctantly they agreed. Fault sorted.

Point is, the dealers don't always know best and modern dealer mechanics have very little diagnostic ability these days. if you've got one that's guessing, and yours clearly is, get rid and find another.
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You didn't describe the "symptoms" causing all your problems. But the dealers solution seems to have caused the list of "problems" - there is probably only one cause, but tell us about it. To replace an engine in any car is the most severe solution to any problem, so it must have been bad.
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