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Please forgive me if this sounds like a really stupid question but I am just getting to grips with my new XF - Am I right in thinking that if the DSC is lit up that it is off?
The reason I ask is that there appears to be some contradiction, - if you want winter mode on then it lights up, the same with the dynamic mode, this also lights up but the DSC appears to be the opposite.
Again forgive me if this seems a silly question.
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Are you wanting to switch the DSC off?
Yes - DSC lit means "off". Supposed to be a warning rather than an indicator, i.e. the normal or default mode is "on". And if I were you, that's where I would leave it!
I think the reason it lights in winter mode is that in snow sometimes you may want to spin the wheels to get out of a problem whereas the traction control will just limit the power to the wheel and you will not moove at all , I knew someone a couple of winters ago that did not realise that it helps to get you moving on slippery snow without the traction control on and he wondered why his XK was not coping at all.
Are you wanting to switch the DSC off?
No - just trying to figure all the knobs and switches
Thanks to you all for the imput - nice to have a forum that does not take the micky when you ask a question - cheers
You must have caught us on a good day...........:D
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