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Jump leads and disconnecting them.

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I can see no words of wisdom in the users manual re jump leads.

My 1998 Mondeo has specific advice re disconnecting the jump leads.
I have a strong suspicion that few have ever read / taken note of their advice.
" To reduce voltage peaks on disconnection, switch on the blower and heated rear screen in the vehicle with the flat battery."
" Do not switch on the headlights in place of the heated rear screen The peak voltage could blow the bulbs"

Is there any Jaguar advice on the topic ?
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And make sure a door or window is left open on the car with flat battery, make sure the keys are in your pocket when battery is connected, 'cos as you connect the battery the remote locking may activate, you don't want that to happen with keys in ignition, and you locked out , and I don't think you will find that in any car manual....found out the hard way working with vehicle recovery
And another one not in the manual...with a flat battery, the fuel gauge will probably not show true reading...always assume you will need fuel, and undo the locking fuel cap BEFORE you start the car.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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